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Tax attorney Ronald A. Stearns has been serving and fighting for Texas taxpayers since 1995. Whatever it may be, he can help resolve your I.R.S. Issues. 

Tax Attorney in Austin: Your Trusted Partner in Resolving IRS Collection Issues

Attorney Ronald Arthur Stearns is a distinguished local tax attorney based in Austin, Texas, boasting an impressive 26-year+ tenure in litigation. Throughout his career, he has been steadfast in his commitment to advocating for both individuals and businesses embroiled in tax-related disputes across the state of Texas and Nationally. With a meticulous approach to each case he undertakes, Stearns ensures that every client receives personalized attention and dedicated representation.

Austin Tax Attorney Ronald A. Stearns

Stearns proudly affirms, “I personally handle every one of my cases. I am a dedicated taxpayer’s advocate. I have NEVER represented the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and I never will.” 

Whether individuals find themselves grappling with unpaid income taxes, outstanding payroll taxes, unfiled tax returns, or facing the daunting prospect of a tax audit, Stearns stands ready to offer assistance and guidance. His comprehensive understanding of tax laws and regulations enables him understand complex tax issues with precision and efficiency.

Advice From an Austin Tax Attorney

One of the key insights that Stearns imparts to his clients is the potential for the IRS to settle tax obligations for less than the amount owed. However, he emphasizes that specific criteria must be met, and proper procedures must be followed for this opportunity to be pursued successfully. By leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge, Stearns empowers his clients to explore all available options and pursue favorable resolutions to their tax challenges like:

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Taxpayers Have Many Rights That They Are Not Aware Of

An attorney calculating tax debts.The IRS does have a variety of programs to assist taxpayers in settling their IRS tax obligations.
An experienced tax attorney in Austin can help you succeed with the program that is best for you or your business.

Sometimes, the IRS actually will settle your tax obligations for less than you owe, but the right facts and circumstances must exist, and correct procedures must be followed for this opportunity to be available and successful.

You can, of course, choose to appear in any IRS proceeding on your own behalf without representation, but we do not recommend it.

Our Austin tax lawyer can speak to the IRS for you! Contact us now to speak with Attorney Stearns.