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Are you facing the relentless pursuit of IRS tax debt collectors? When it comes to defending your rights against the IRS, you need the expertise of an experienced tax attorney in Austin. Look no further than Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC!

Dealing with IRS tax debt collection can be an uphill battle. These collectors are some of the most aggressive players in the legal arena, showing no mercy regardless of your financial circumstances or who’s to blame for the tax debt. Whether it’s overdue taxes, penalties, or other IRS-related issues, they pursue each case with unwavering determination.

But you don’t have to face this daunting challenge alone. Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC specializes in IRS tax debt collection defense, boasting a stellar 26-year track record of helping clients overcome these financial burdens.

Attorney Ronald Arthur Stearns will be your staunch advocate throughout the process of resolving your tax obligations with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). His first crucial role is to act as a mediator between you and the IRS, sparing you from direct interactions with IRS agents. This vital service ensures that you won’t have to communicate directly with the IRS in most cases.Your IRS tax attorney will assist you through the entire process of interacting with the IRS, including but not limited to assisting you in compliance matters, facilitating the preparation and filing of unfiled IRS tax returns and amended returns where appropriate.

  • Your attorney will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your IRS tax obligation is reduced to the minimum permissible under the facts and circumstances of your situation.
  • Your attorney will obtain records of your account from the IRS that will indicate all earnings and tax payments reported to the IRS.
  • Your attorney will defend your IRS tax returns in an audit or at an appeal of an audit.
  • Your attorney will file and prosecute a case in tax court for you if the IRS takes positions that are not supported by facts and circumstances or by controlling law.
  • Your attorney will investigate reduction or elimination of penalties and interest imposed on top of your IRS tax debt, and file a request for abatement of penalties and interest when appropriate.
  • Your attorney will analyze the facts and circumstances of your situation to determine which options are best for you, considering possible offers in compromise, currently not collectible status, partial-pay installment agreements, innocent spouse relief and all other options.
  • For business owners and the self-employed, your attorney offers a variety of additional services.

Our law office is open now and can help every new client with legal services to ensure a fair, robust defense. So, if you’re in need of a tax debt collection defense lawyer without delay, contact us now at 210-853-2135.

Woman laying on her debt bills with a calculator feeling overwhelmed.Why Early Consultation with a Tax Debt Collection Defense Attorney Matters

Dealing with IRS tax debt collectors can be an unwavering pursuit, solely focused on recovering owed funds, regardless of the surrounding circumstances. When faced with the prospect of an IRS tax debt lawsuit, it’s crucial to take action promptly.

Upon receiving notice of an IRS tax debt collection lawsuit, your first step should be to respond. Ignoring this legal action is rarely advisable, as most creditors do not take kindly to being left unanswered.

Failing to defend against an IRS tax debt collection lawsuit can have serious consequences. Debt collection agencies may seek to impose levies on your bank accounts or place liens on your property. Moreover, neglecting to address the debt may result in its rapid escalation, as the IRS can potentially add interest, court costs, and legal fees to the original amount owed.

In many instances, creditors provide debtors with a specific deadline for their response, often dictated by state law. However, it’s essential not to procrastinate. The sooner you engage the services of an IRS tax debt collection defense attorney, the quicker they can work to ensure fair debt collection practices, protect your rights, and advise you on the best course of action.

Missing the response deadline can lead to a default judgment against you, essentially handing victory to the IRS. This not only eliminates any chance of having the case dismissed but also significantly weakens your defense strategies, even if you have a skilled IRS tax debt collection defense lawyer by your side. Don’t let the clock run out on your opportunity to defend your rights and financial well-being.

Man in glasses looking at his debt.

What to Anticipate When Facing IRS Tax Debt

In an ideal scenario, taxpayers would rarely find themselves in a situation where IRS tax debt collectors come into play. However, reality is not always ideal, and individuals may encounter circumstances leading them to fall behind on their tax obligations. Whether it’s IRS tax debt stemming from unpaid taxes, penalties, or other financial burdens, once you’re in debt to the IRS, escaping its grasp can prove challenging.

IRS tax debt collectors typically employ a range of collection tactics, and an IRS tax debt lawsuit is often considered the final option. Once your tax account is in the hands of a collection agency, the opportunity to directly engage with the IRS or resolve matters with the original tax agency may have passed.

If feasible, it’s advisable to work directly with the IRS or their designated representatives to negotiate a suitable arrangement for resolving your tax debt. Failing this, you may find yourself confronted with a discovery request, which can be a legal procedure used to gather information in preparation for potential legal action.

Understanding Creditor Discovery Requests: How a Tax Attorney in Austin Can Protect Your Assets

A discovery request is part of the legal process and can form part of the debt collection lawsuit. Debt collection practices may include Interrogatories, a Request for Production, or a Request for Admissions. Failure to provide this information within the stipulated deadline can again lead to loss of the lawsuit, with no further opportunities to defend the debt.

While discovery requests do not specifically require the involvement of a debt lawyer, they can make life infinitely easier. At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC we specialize in debt defense and can advise on the best way to approach the money you owe, potentially dealing with creditors in the process and eliminating the need to continue with a lawsuit.

Do You Have to Pay a Tax Debt?

Ideally, individuals facing IRS tax debt issues can arrive at an agreement with tax collectors to manage the amount owed, often bypassing the need for court involvement.

Even in cases where you acknowledge and accept your IRS tax debt, you might not be obligated to pay the full amount. This is especially relevant if you find yourself in a period of financial hardship. Your IRS tax debt defense attorney can establish communication with the legal representatives of the IRS to potentially negotiate a reduction in the outstanding debt, the removal of accrued interest and fees, or even the possibility of dropping the IRS tax debt lawsuit altogether.

Your attorney will diligently explore all legal avenues available to you, guiding you through a spectrum of options. These may include making negotiated payments to the IRS tax collector or pursuing negotiations within a courtroom setting.

Perhaps most importantly, your attorney will be unwavering in safeguarding your rights throughout the process. Even when legal circumstances may not appear to be in your favor, an experienced IRS tax debt lawyer can assist individuals facing IRS tax debt lawsuits in mitigating more severe consequences, such as bankruptcy, stemming from IRS tax debt collection efforts.

How Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC Can Help

If you are facing a lawsuit involving an unpaid creditor, you need a debt attorney and our lawyers are on hand to assist with the best possible advice.

Our experienced lawyers immediately disarm some of the most common tactics faced by consumers, such as fear and intimidation.

Many debt collectors are willing to bend the truth on occasion in an attempt to coerce payment. However, our law firm and your assigned attorney will use the powers of both local and federal laws to ensure you only need to deal with legal tax debt collection methods.

Your Debt Collection Defense Attorneys

Your attorney is on your side. They can even move beyond the scope of defending a lawsuit. They will also assess the case from the other side. If a creditor’s firm is found to have exceeded their legal o

ptions or harassed the debtor, your attorney may decide to seek damages which can then contribute to the repayment of the outstanding amount.

Handling Attorney Fees

When under the pressure of debt, the last thing anyone wants to think about when arranging their debt collection defense is attorney fees. The attorney-client relationship with our law office begins from the moment you call and we discuss everything you can expect as the case proceeds.

There we work with clients to understand the circumstances and the actions of a debt collector up to this point. Our defense attorneys will work with the client on the nature of the lawsuit, options to pay th

e money you owe, and the nature of the creditor involved. From that point, we’ll use experience, expertise, and legal information to begin work on a comprehensive debt defense.

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