IRS Audit Defense And Appeals

If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) comes calling, you need to be prepared. Don’t be caught off guard when the IRS tries to bully you with an audit and insist you pay or settle tax matters you don’t agree with. If the IRS decides to audit you, put Attorney Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. on your side. He is a dedicated taxpayers’ advocate with nearly 30 years of litigation experience. He will stand up for you against the IRS and fight for your rights as a taxpayer.

You Need An Experienced Tax Lawyer, Not An Accountant

Taxpayers have rights, and Attorney Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. will use those rights to your advantage in appealing an IRS audit. Too many times, taxpayers who find themselves in the midst of an IRS audit rely on unqualified people to represent them. Please, don’t make this mistake. You need an experienced and reliable tax lawyer to defend you, not the accountant who prepared your taxes. This person does not know the law and what options are available regarding a settlement. And, above all, please don’t insist on representing yourself in an audit defense.

Attorney Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. will provide the knowledge, ability and representation you need. He has worked with clients on hundreds of IRS-related tax cases. He can anticipate the government’s actions and outmaneuver them.

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