• Offers in compromise
  • Relief from penalties, interest, levies, liens and seizures
  • Relief from payroll tax collections
  • Innocent spousal relief
  • Relief from wage and bank garnishments
  • Trust fund recovery penalty relief
  • Unfiled tax returns
  • Currently not collectible status
  • Defense of independent contractor status
  • Amended tax returns
  • Partial-pay installment agreements
  • Defense of civil and criminal fraud examinations
  • Audit defense and appeals
  • Installment agreements tailored to your ability to pay
  • Criminal and grand jury defense

Before you speak with or write to the IRS, call 512-257-0570 or 512-593-7346 now to speak with Attorney Stearns. He will explain the reality of what you can expect from the Internal Revenue Service and the various options available to you.

  • Your attorney will assist you through the entire process of interacting with the IRS, including but not limited to assisting you in compliance matters, facilitating the preparation and filing of unfiled IRS tax returns and amended returns where appropriate.
  • Your attorney will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your IRS tax obligation is reduced to the minimum permissible under the facts and circumstances of your situation.
  • Your attorney will obtain records of your account from the IRS, which will indicate all earnings and tax payments reported to the IRS.
  • Your attorney will defend your IRS tax returns in an audit or at an appeal of an audit.
  • Your attorney will file and prosecute a case in tax court for you if the IRS takes positions that are not supported by facts and circumstances or by controlling law.
  • Your attorney will investigate reduction or elimination of penalties and interest imposed on top of your IRS tax debt, and file a request for abatement of penalties and interest when appropriate.
  • If you timely retain Attorney Ronald Arthur Stearns to represent you or your business, he may be able to stop levies, seizures and garnishments. It is extremely important for this function that you contact your attorney as soon as possible, as many taxpayer rights have important time limits on their availability. There is always something your attorney can do to assist you in IRS tax collection matters, but the sooner you contact your attorney, the more options are open to you.
  • Your attorney will analyze the facts and circumstances of your situation to determine which options are best for you, considering possible offers in compromise, currently not collectible status, partial-pay installment agreements, innocent spouse relief and all other options.
  • For business owners and the self-employed, your attorney offers a variety of additional services.

Offer In Compromise

If your facts and circumstances are appropriate, you may be able to settle your tax obligations with the IRS at a substantial reduction to your IRS tax debt.

The opportunity to settle your IRS tax obligations for less than you actually owe will depend on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, the amount of your IRS tax obligation, your assets, your income, your expenses, the size of your household, the length of time remaining for the IRS to collect any past due taxes and other factors.

Currently Not Collectible Status

If your facts and circumstances are appropriate, the IRS may agree to place your entire IRS tax obligation on hold, with no tax payments due on your IRS tax obligation until your circumstances change in a way that you are able to make payment toward your IRS obligation.

Innocent Spousal Relief

If your facts and circumstances are appropriate, you may be able to obtain total or partial relief from your IRS tax obligation.

Partial-Pay Installment Agreement

If your facts and circumstances are appropriate, the IRS may agree to an installment agreement that will pay only a portion of the full amount of your IRS tax debt, penalties and interest.

Additional IRS Programs

The Internal Revenue Service has many additional programs and alternatives that are available to individual and business taxpayers to settle their tax obligations. Call Attorney Ronald Arthur Stearns to discuss the options that are appropriate for your circumstances. Please remember that the sooner you contact your attorney, the more he can do for you. Taxpayers have many rights, but important rights can expire if not timely exercised.

Contact Attorney Stearns now to discuss any problems you have with the IRS. Call us in Austin or San Antonio at 512-257-0570 or 512-593-7346. You can also email Attorney Stearns to arrange a consultation.