There are several roles that a Cedar Park, TX tax lawyer can fulfill for their clients.

This first is the education and assistance of individuals and businesses in all of the different tax matters they face. This includes things like structuring and the minimization of tax obligations such as business or property tax.

The next role is protecting clients and helping them deal with investigations and disputes with any government body that deals with taxation, such as the IRS.

If you are facing an investigation from the IRS, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed, especially if you have tax obligations that you cannot afford to pay currently.

If you do owe a large amount and have no way of paying, you should know that there are options. In certain circumstances, the IRS may allow you to settle your tax obligations by paying a smaller amount, without interest or penalties. To seek this, however, you should obtain the help of an experienced tax lawyer. They will be able to help you follow the correct procedures necessary to obtain a settlement.

Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC is a Texas tax attorney, specializing in cases involving the IRS. Utilizing his 26 years of experience in litigation and tax law, he is a fierce advocate for his clients. His exceptional approach to the attorney-client relationship, paired with his unrivaled knowledge of Texas tax law, has led to a long list of favorable outcome wins for his clients.

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What Can a Tax Attorney in Cedar Park, TX  Do for Me?

The sooner you get in touch with a Cedar Park, TX tax lawyer, the sooner they will be able to spring into action.

A good tax attorney will be able to take over all liaising with the IRS on your behalf and will ensure that you comply with all relevant requests. This may mean filing and preparing tax returns or amending previous returns if necessary.

They will also work tirelessly to ensure that any obligations you are facing from the IRS, are reduced as much as physically possible, minimizing it to an amount that is more feasible for you under your current circumstances.

Another job for your tax attorney will be to seek any previous or current records that the IRS has regarding your accounts. This will give your attorney a clear view of your situation and allow them to make informed decisions based on the information the IRS holds on you.

If your case has resulted in penalties or interest being added to your debt, your attorney will explore every possible avenue in order to have them eliminated.

Stopping Seizures, Levies & Garnishments

If you are worried about or are facing a situation where the IRS begins to seize goods or begins to garnish your wages, you need to act quickly. Time is of the essence here and many of the taxpayer rights you have a time limit on their availability.

This makes it crucial to seek the help of a skilled Cedar Park, TX tax lawyer as soon as physically possible. The sooner you get in touch, the more likely it will be that you can obtain a favorable outcome from your situation.

Options If You Cannot Pay

For many clients, it is simply not an option to pay off the outstanding tax debt and obligations. This can be a scary place to be, one that causes a lot of anxiety.

However, there are, potentially, a range of different options that you can take if you do not have the ability to pay off your tax debts.

In order to explore them fully, your best option is to seek the help of a skilled tax attorney. They will be able to evaluate your case to the fullest of their ability, allowing them to calculate the best route to take.

Currently Not Collectible Status

In some cases, your circumstances may mean that you simply have no way of paying or settling your debt. In these cases, the IRS may decide to put your case on hold until your circumstances change again.

When this happens, they change your status to “Currently Not Collectible”

Offer In Compromise

Another option your attorney might consider is called an offer in compromise.

If your situation allows it, this option involves settling your case for a lower cost than you owe and may include the removal of interest and penalties.

This will be dependent upon a range of different factors, such as the length you have owed the debt, your income and assets, the amount you owe, and the size of your household.

Innocent Spousal Relief

In certain scenarios, spouses can seek special relief from their partner’s debts and IRS obligations. This is called Innocent Spousal Relief.

Partial-Pay Installment Agreement

The IRS may allow you to create an installment-based payment plan. This will allow you to pay your obligations over time. This may be for the full amount, including IRS tax debt, penalties, and interest, or it may be for a smaller portion depending upon your circumstances.

Additional IRS Programs

These are not the only options that are available to you, although they are the most common.

Your Cedar Park, TX tax attorney will have full knowledge of all of the different potential options available to you and will be able to craft a plan of action that best suits your needs.

In almost all cases, time is of the essence. If you want the best possible chance of exploring all of the potential options on offer to you, you should get in touch as quickly as possible.

Federal Income Tax Attorney

At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, we also have experience in:

  • Tax-free reorganizations and sales of businesses.
  • Tax-free like-kind exchanges involving oil and gas properties and commercial and investment real estate.
  • Property taxes, sales tax, tax bill, debt management strategy and state tax relief consult.
  • The planning of investment in and divestment of oil and gas.
  • Planning with respect to settlements and jury awards in tax litigation.
  • Planning for infusion of capital into existing businesses.
  • Civil Tax Controversy and Tax Issues.

A Dedicated Taxpayer Advocate!

When you obtain representation from a skilled tax attorney, you take advantage of their extensive knowledge of the often complex, Texas tax law.

At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, our Cedar Park tax lawyers are on hand to help you minimize your tax obligations and to protect you if you are facing an investigation from the IRS.

When dealing with any tax dispute, we fight aggressively and will not rest until you have received treatment that is both reasonable and fair.

Protect Your Rights as a Taxpayer With a Tax Attorney in Cedar Park, TX 

If you are facing an audit of your company tax returns or the IRS is threatening collection actions, your best option is to get in touch with your tax attorney immediately.

The second that you agree to representation, your tax lawyer will be able to help. They will inform the IRS that they will be liaising on your behalf, removing you from stressful conversations or interrogations. For the majority of clients, this means you will never actually have to appear in front of the IRS.

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