Dealing with tax issues can often be an overwhelming experience, fraught with uncertainty. Whether you’re an individual taxpayer, a small business owner, or the head of a multinational corporation, tax controversies can pose significant challenges and risks. It’s essential to have a knowledgeable and experienced ally on your side to guide you through the intricacies of tax law and to advocate for your interests.

At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, we focus on resolving tax disputes with precision and dedication. Our seasoned tax controversy attorneys possess the knowledge and the tenacity required to tackle even the most daunting tax issues. From audits and appeals to litigation and settlement negotiations, we are committed to providing robust representation and achieving incredible results for our clients.

If you’re facing a tax dispute or simply seeking advice on tax-related matters, don’t face this alone. Take the first step towards peace of mind by calling Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC at 949-676-7193. Our team is ready to assist you with your tax controversy needs and to ensure that your rights are vigorously protected.

Understanding the Role of a Tax Controversy Attorney

Attorney helps client with IRS tax collection issue. For an experienced IRS tax attorney in Austin who knows what it takes to defend taxpayers’ rights, contact us!A tax controversy attorney can be a critical ally in the battle against tax disputes. These skilled professionals assist clients in resolving high-stakes, tax disputes with taxing authorities, serving as the client’s representative in tax audits and disputes before the IRS, state and local tax agencies, and in state and federal courts. By illuminating the intricate details of tax law, they provide clients with clarity and direction, ensuring their voices are heard in the labyrinth of legal proceedings.

Tax controversy attorneys don’t merely try to work around existing laws; they also tackle complex issues that can set industry precedents. Their work shapes the landscape of tax law, influencing not only their clients’ cases but also the broader tax community.

The Breadth of Tax Law Representation We Provide

At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, we offer a wide range of tax law representation. Our in-depth knowledge and experience extend to a vast array of tax matters, including:

  • International and domestic corporate income tax issues
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax credit qualifications
  • Excise taxes
  • Estate taxes

Our ability to understand these diverse fields is a testament to our comprehensive understanding of tax law and our dedication to serving our clients’ unique needs.

Our robust litigation services extend beyond the confines of the courtroom. We facilitate all phases of the tax litigation process in the United States Tax Court, from filing a petition to representing clients in less formal dispute resolutions or full trials, depending on the monetary value and difficulty involved. Additionally, our attorneys manage the appeal processes at both administrative and federal claims levels, addressing the IRS tax law issues with meticulous and strategic approaches.

Our suite of services also includes comprehensive audit defense strategies, providing support during IRS audits such as correspondence, office, and field audits, to safeguard our clients’ financial and legal standings.

Navigating IRS Administrative Controversies With Confidence

When confronted with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) administrative controversies, it’s not uncommon to feel a sense of fear. These matters often involve intricate tax positions and substantial liabilities. At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, we work tirelessly to transform this apprehension into confidence, guiding our clients through the resolution process with a steady hand and strategic mind.

Our firm assists clients in IRS administrative controversies by leveraging services such as the IRS Pre-Filing Agreement Program (PFA). This program provides taxpayers the opportunity to address and resolve potential disputes prior to tax return filing, aiming to decrease the likelihood and cost of post-filing examinations. By facilitating client dealings with the IRS, we ensure a more efficient resolution process, clarifying tax positions, negotiating tax liabilities, and assisting in becoming current with tax filings.

In doing so, we not only resolve disputes but also may:

  • Minimize their impact on business operations
  • Aid in maintaining normal business activities
  • Prevent significant financial burdens due to tax controversies.

Pre-Controversy Matters and Audit Defense

Preparing for a tax audit can feel like stepping onto a battlefield, armed with nothing more than a stack of paperwork. Fortunately, our experienced firm employs proactive strategies that can turn this battlefield into a negotiation table, shifting the balance of power in favor of the taxpayer.

One such strategy involves conducting a thorough review of tax returns to identify any potentially risky issues and limiting the scope and information requested during an audit. By choosing a neutral location for IRS audits and maintaining a clear defense strategy, we stay ahead of the auditor and aim for favorable outcomes. Our tax audit defense services protect legal rights and needs, help supply the necessary documentation, reduce debt through appeals, and address issues such as unfiled returns, ensuring that taxpayers are well-represented during the audit process.

By engaging our tax controversy services, you can benefit from:

  • Preventing potential liabilities and streamlining compliance with income taxes and other tax laws
  • Advice on tax positions and transactions to minimize future discrepancies
  • Guidance through the process of appealing proposed changes after an IRS audit

Appeals and Administrative Hearings

When a tax dispute arises, it’s not uncommon for the initial conclusion to be contested. The IRS appeals system provides a mechanism to resolve disagreements on tax matters without the need for court proceedings, as long as the issues are within the boundaries of tax laws. At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, we have extensive experience in managing this appeals process, ensuring our clients receive the representation they deserve.

Appeals within the IRS are managed by a local appeals office, separate from the office that initially conducted the examination. This office represents the only level of administrative appeal within the agency. If the taxpayer does not respond to the IRS’s 30-day letter, or if no agreement is made with the Appeals Office, a notice of deficiency is issued. This gives them 90 days to file a petition with the U.S. Tax Court. During this process, we represent our clients in appeals conferences, ensuring they are well-prepared to discuss all disputed issues, as most differences are usually settled during this stage. If an agreement cannot be reached, we are prepared to escalate the case to the federal court system, challenging IRS rulings and interpretations of the tax code.

Settlement Negotiations and Treasury Settlements

Sometimes, the path to resolution lies not in the courtroom, but at the negotiation table. Settlement negotiations provide an opportunity to resolve tax disputes without resorting to court, often leading to a reduction in overall tax payment.

In certain cases, we may employ a strategy such as the ‘Trojan Horse’, where a concession is made on a specific area to avert auditors’ attention from other issues, helping secure a favorable settlement. Our efficacy in negotiation is significantly enhanced by our established relationships with taxing authorities, leading to more beneficial outcomes for our clients.

We also explore various IRS settlement options, including offers in compromise, partial pay installment agreements, and negotiating currently not collectible status among other settlement types. Such solutions, while requiring careful consideration and strategic execution, can provide substantial relief for taxpayers facing significant liabilities.

Resolving California-Specific Tax Disputes

Facing tax disputes is often a large endeavor, further complicated when state-specific regulations come into play. For our clients in California, we offer audit representation services for state tax audits, handling matters related to:

  • Income tax
  • Sales tax
  • Withholding tax
  • Other state taxes

In California, taxpayers can challenge the conclusion of the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) by filing a claim for refund with the State Board of Equalization. This is necessary if they believe their tax return overstates the liability or if they dispute a Notice of Tax Return Change or Statement of Balance Due issued by the FTB. Should the FTB deny the refund claim, taxpayers may appeal to the Office of Tax Appeals (OTA) within a 90-day period or initiate a Suit for Refund in the Superior Court. At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, we guide clients through this process, representing their well-being at each step and striving for a favorable outcome.

Strategies for Mitigating Tax Liabilities and Penalties

The world of tax law is not merely about resolving disputes but also about preventing them. At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, our tax planning attorney has developed effective strategies for mitigating tax liabilities and penalties, ensuring our clients are well-protected against potential financial burdens.

Our tax attorneys provide the following services:

  • Assess clients’ historical tax compliance
  • Advise on self-reporting and rectification of errors to reduce potential liabilities
  • Help mitigate immediate tax liabilities
  • Lay the foundation for future tax planning
  • Minimize the likelihood of future disputes

This proactive approach ensures that our clients are in good standing with tax authorities and are well-prepared for any future tax issues.

Additionally, we leverage our relationships with taxing authorities to negotiate penalty relief or complete abatement, further reducing our clients’ financial burdens. Through these strategies, we strive to secure favorable outcomes, such as significant reductions in clients’ tax liabilities and successful challenges of IRS positions on difficult matters.

Legal Guidance Through Complex Tax Litigation Matters

Tax litigation can be a complex process. Challenging IRS rulings and interpretations of the tax code requires not only a comprehensive understanding of tax law but also a strategic approach to litigation. At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, we offer legal guidance through these tax litigation matters, standing as a staunch advocate for our clients’ interests.

Our tax attorneys have experience in resolving contentious tax matters, leveraging their comprehensive tax knowledge and litigation skills to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. In the U.S. Tax Court, we challenge IRS rulings and their interpretations of the tax code, which can include larger cases with international considerations.

Should the dispute not be resolved in Tax Court, we are prepared to escalate cases to the federal court system, including the potential to present cases to the United States Supreme Court. Deciding to file a petition after receiving a Notice of Deficiency is a critical step that requires a strategic cost-benefit analysis and the guidance of an experienced tax controversy attorney.

The Importance of Strong Working Relationships With Taxing Authorities

In the world of tax law, relationships matter. Having a strong working relationship with tax authorities can significantly impact the outcome of tax disputes. At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, we’ve spent years building and nurturing these relationships, providing us with a unique advantage in the audit and appeals process.

Our relationships with taxing authorities, including IRS appeals officers and audit and territory managers, play a crucial role in our success. Also, many of our tax controversy attorneys bring valuable experience from previous roles in U.S. government positions, further enhancing our ability to manage tax disputes efficiently.

Through these relationships, we’re able to provide our clients with the representation they deserve, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are protected.

Protecting Business Entities and Individuals Alike

At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, we understand that tax disputes can impact entities of all sizes, including:

  • Individuals
  • Small businesses
  • Medium-sized companies
  • Multinational corporations

We believe that everyone deserves effective representation, regardless of the size or complexity of their tax issues.

Our firm serves a diverse clientele, providing representation for individuals and businesses alike. With backgrounds in senior legal positions within tax enforcement agencies, our tax controversy lawyers are adept at defending the legal rights of businesses and individuals in various dispute scenarios. Through skilled litigation and negotiation, we work to secure favorable outcomes, such as reduced penalties and settlements, upholding our clients’ interests.

Whether you’re an individual facing an audit or a corporation with a complex tax dispute, you can trust Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC to provide the representation you need.

How Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC Can Help You

Tax disputes, from audits to litigation, are often stressful, but they can also be opportunities for growth and learning. With the help of a dedicated tax attorney like Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr., taxpayers can face these challenges with confidence.

After more than a quarter-century of focusing solely on representing taxpayers, Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC has established a reputation for providing comprehensive knowledge, personalized attention, and tailored service to help clients resolve tax disputes.

At Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, we believe in empowering our clients through knowledge, strategy, and advocacy. From understanding the role of a tax controversy attorney to facing IRS administrative controversies, we equip our clients with the tools they need to successfully resolve their tax disputes. Together, we can turn tax law into a tool for resolution and peace of mind.

Our firm seamlessly integrates the comprehensive knowledge found in large firms with the personalized attention and tailored service indicative of a smaller practice. This unique approach has earned us the trust and confidence of our clients, who appreciate our transparency, professionalism, and fair pricing. We invite prospective clients to begin their journey to resolving tax disputes with a free telephone consultation, providing them with an opportunity to directly discuss their situation with Attorney Stearns.

Our dedicated team is ready to help you with your tax disputes and put your mind at ease. To speak with a dedicated member of our team, call us today at 949-676-7193.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tax controversy law?

Tax controversy law involves dealing with tax disputes between tax collection entities and taxpayers, typically arising from audits or other tax-related issues.

What should I do if I receive a notice of audit from the IRS?

If you receive a notice of audit from the IRS, it’s important to remain calm and organized. You should promptly review the notice to understand the scope of the audit and gather all relevant financial documents. It’s advisable to contact a tax controversy attorney like Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC, who can provide guidance on the process, represent you during the audit, and help protect your rights and wants.

Can a tax attorney negotiate with the IRS?

Yes, a tax attorney can negotiate on your behalf with the IRS, potentially leading to a compromise based on your financial situation.

What services does Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC offer?

Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC offers a comprehensive range of tax law representation services, including international and domestic corporate income tax issues, transfer pricing, tax credit qualifications, excise taxes, estate taxes, and litigation services in the U.S. Tax Court.

Who does Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC represent?

Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr. PLLC represents a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals to multinational corporations, and provides legal representation for all entity sizes.