A letter from the Internal Revenue Service can overwhelm most Texas residents, especially when it brings news of an audit or unpaid taxes. Filing one’s taxes once is complicated enough. Then to have to justify one’s claims or deductions can be frustrating, especially since most people do not know how long to hold on to receipts or which deduction to claim at what time.

Having someone knowledge about the ins and outs of IRS Tax law by one’s side when both filing taxes and also when dealing with related tax issues can be very helpful. Ronald A. Stearns is a dedicated taxpayer’s advocate who works tirelessly to represent his clients with tax-related issues. Not only does he represent his clients personally, he also helps with a variety of situations, from audits to unfiled tax returns.

Taxpayers may not know it, but they have certain rights and there are a number of programs at their disposal to help them settle their tax obligations. Without being aware of these options, it is impossible to take advantage of them, which is why so many Americans struggle with their tax bill every year.

While the IRS is willing to work with people to settle their debts, it is important that the right facts and circumstances must exist to make is possible. Additionally, following the correct procedure is essential. Having experienced legal guidance in these matters can be very helpful. For more on how our founding lawyer helps his clients deal with IRS tax law, visit our page.