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Dealing with debt that belongs to someone else

Battling with debt collectors or suffering from their harassment is bad enough when a third-party attempt to collect a legitimate debt. Going round-and-round over a debt that belongs to someone else could be a nightmare. Texas residents receiving collection notices

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Alternatives to IRS debt collections

There are several alternatives to being hassled by IRS debt collectors. This means that every taxpayer has the right to challenge the IRS even if he or she owes thousands of dollars in back taxes. There are many collection alternatives

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How does an offer-in-compromise work?

Texas taxpayers sometimes run into trouble meeting their obligations. When someone owes the Internal Revenue Service a substantial amount of money for back taxes, concerns might arise about paying the debt. An installment agreement might work when dealing with a

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Is an offer in compromise right for you?

If you have outstanding tax debt that you cannot afford to pay, you may wonder what, if any, options you have so as to prevent your debt from going to collections. Though the Internal Revenue Service is largely unforgiving, it

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Tips for managing your installment agreement

Knowing that you do not have enough money to pay your taxes in Texas can create ongoing financial stress. Your proactive approach to working with the Internal Revenue Service may put you in touch with resources to help you avoid

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Should I request Currently Not Collectible status?

Many people have trouble paying their taxes. The IRS recognizes that circumstances may temporarily prevent you from meeting your tax obligation. For that reason, the law allows some people to qualify for Currently Not Collectible status. In essence, CNC status

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IRS installment and full payment agreements

In 2020, the Internal Revenue Service provided all taxpayers with an additional three months to file their tax returns without the need to request an extension. However, as normal, the IRS did expect payment of any outstanding tax liability to

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How does an Offer in Compromise work?

Residents of Austin really do not want to fall behind in the taxes they owe to the Internal Revenue Service. Even if the debt because of difficult financial circumstances, and not because of any improper activity, the IRS still has

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What is an offer in compromise?

An offer in compromise is a collection alternative option for those who owe taxes to understand and consider. Taxpayers who owe taxes should understand how an offer in compromise works and may be able to help them settle or reduce

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