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How to prepare for a tax audit

No matter who you are, the IRS has the legal right to select your tax return for an audit. As scary as it may be, just because you’re faced with a tax audit doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll owe additional money.

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Eliminate tax debt with an Offer in Compromise

Sometimes, things happen that make it impossible for you to pay a tax bill. Your savings might be stolen by someone who has infiltrated your bank account, you might lose a job or you could simply not earn enough to

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The most audited counties in Texas

The potential for an audit was likely in the back of your mind as you filed your taxes. You carefully keep track of every tax document that arrives in the mail and look over your return for errors. If someone

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Know your rights during an IRS audit

As a taxpayer, you have several rights when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is good to know these rights all the time, but this knowledge is especially important if you have been selected for an IRS audit

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