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Catching up with unfiled tax returns

Every tax season, the IRS receives millions of paper and e-filed returns. However, not every taxpayer submits a return, and some Texas residents may fail to file for several years. The willful failure to file a return could lead to

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Consumer rights and debt collectors

If you fall behind on debt in Austin, Texas, you may get calls from creditors. Some consumers don’t know their rights and believe they have no recourse to stop the calls. Many debt collectors follow the law, but others do

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Certain conditions must precede a levy of property

The Internal Revenue Service may request payment of past-due taxes, but people have the legal right to appeal circumstances they disagree with. Even though people may feel slightly panicked after receiving correspondence notifying them of an impending levy of their

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Potential ways to obtain relief from tax penalties

There are many different aspects of running a business in Texas and there are many deadlines that people must meet throughout the year. One of the deadlines is that people must file their taxes on time or file for extensions

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Ways to address back taxes

Financial troubles could lead to financial ruins. Getting behind on bills is one thing, but being unable to pay the taxes you owe, that can have serious implications. Whether you are dealing with temporary financial problems due to a divorce,

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Don’t engage the IRS alone

There are few things as scary in an Austin resident’s life as receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. Even before opening the letter, taxpayers imagine the myriad ways in which their life is about to change because of

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