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How to prepare your business for an IRS audit

In Texas, getting audited by the IRS often seems like a nightmare, but if you’re a business owner, it’s something that you should prepare yourself for. The good news is that there are steps you can take to make the

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The IRS may perform an audit after issuing a refund

Not every taxpayer receives a refund timely. An audit might delay the deposit, and, in some cases, the audit’s conclusion could leave a taxpayer with a balance, among other woes. A taxpayer may feel relief after receiving a refund at

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How long can an appeal with an IRS decision take?

Sometimes, residents of Texas might have a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service or IRS regarding a decision involving their taxes. When this happens, it’s your right to file an appeal. What is an IRS appeal? An IRS appeal is

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What red flags often trigger an IRS audit?

Receiving an audit notice could prove unsettling, but many taxpayers find such letters in the mail each year. While numerous Texas residents file federal returns year after year with no problems, others wonder why the IRS continues to look closely

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What to prepare for an IRS audit

For most people, fixing information on a tax return is the purpose of their IRS audit. Texas residents have a right to prepare for a tax audit, which is often based on the 30-day window you and the IRS have

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What is the statute of limitations on IRS audits?

Many adults in Texas must file their taxes each year. With that in mind, something that many taxpayers are fearful of is getting audited. Considering that, it’s important to know that the IRS only has a limited amount of time

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How to handle IRS audits

You file your taxes hoping you did them right and you don’t get that dreaded IRS audit letter. The word “audit’ strikes fear in most every tax payer in Austin, Texas, but audits aren’t that common. Even if you get

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Common tax audit myths

Many Texans have misconceptions about tax audits from the Internal Revenue Service. Understanding these myths might help people to feel a little better if they have received notices of audits. Knowing the myths surrounding audits might also help business owners

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Is the IRS increasing small business audits?

2020 came with many troubles for small business owners. 2021 may complicate things further since the Internal Revenue Service intends to increase the number of audits. Texas small business entrepreneurs who previously did not worry about audits may soon find

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