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What do you know about estimated tax payments?

While you enjoy working as an independent contractor in Texas, you must understand your tax obligations. For instance, do you know how to make estimated tax payments throughout the year? Gain clarity on the matter with insights from Small Business

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Taking steps to ward off an IRS audit

Becoming the target of an IRS audit is something many taxpayers want to avoid, and yet a lot of people do not think it will happen to them. In fact, the IRS only conducted an audit of 0.5% of all tax returns

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How do I qualify as an independent contractor?

Qualifying as an independent contractor has important tax implications that workers who fall into this category should be familiar with. If they fall into this category, workers who are classified as independent contractors should be familiar with how they qualify

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Am I an independent contractor or an employee?

Many Texas residents may not be aware if the doctor or accountant they frequent is an employee or an independent contractor. However, this distinction is very important when it comes to taxation, because both have different tax obligations. It does

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When might a levy be issued under IRS tax law?

Texans who are confronted with tax issues should be aware of the steps the Internal Revenue Service can take. There are many terms that could be difficult to understand. When dealing with the challenges and concerns related to IRS tax

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What should you do if you owe the IRS money?

Many Americans do not make full payments to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when they initially file their taxes. As a result, they will likely receive a bill or notice from the IRS notifying them of any amounts still owed

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A primer of the IRS examination and appeal

If the government believes that your tax returns are errant, they’ll let you know. Often, this notice occurs via mail, but, in some circumstances, the IRS may want to conduct an in-person examination. This meeting may occur at your home,

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Independent contractors and Section 530 relief

There are a number of intricacies when it comes to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax law. One of the bigger problems that businesses run into is misclassification of employees. While classifying an individual as an independent contractor rather than an

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