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Is the IRS increasing small business audits?

2020 came with many troubles for small business owners. 2021 may complicate things further since the Internal Revenue Service intends to increase the number of audits. Texas small business entrepreneurs who previously did not worry about audits may soon find

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Small business tax audit triggers

A small business in Austin, Texas, has to pay taxes, but as with any taxpayer, it doesn’t come without the risk of audits. The IRS conducts an audit when they suspect something fraudulent or incorrect on a tax return. There

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What does the IRS do with suspected tax evasion?

Few government agencies have the potential to be more intimidating than the Internal Revenue Service. After all, even if you diligently prepare your tax return and pay your fair share, you may receive an audit. Even worse, IRS agents may

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How should you prepare for your IRS audit?

If the words “IRS audit” strike terror in your heart and every other part of your body, you are not alone. reports that slightly more than 1 million taxpayers face an audit every year. Before you panic, however, keep

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Are you required to pay taxes while living abroad?

Whether you plan on moving overseas in the near future or you are currently living in a foreign country, it is important to make sure that you are prepared to handle various financial matters, including tax obligations. Aside from dealing

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Is an offer in compromise right for you?

If you have outstanding tax debt that you cannot afford to pay, you may wonder what, if any, options you have so as to prevent your debt from going to collections. Though the Internal Revenue Service is largely unforgiving, it

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3 things independent contractors do that trigger audits

Independent contractors may encounter issues with the IRS more easily than others. This is because taxes are not automatically withheld from their paychecks like they are with regular employees. Because they must do their own estimates and quarterly tax payments,

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Tips for managing your installment agreement

Knowing that you do not have enough money to pay your taxes in Texas can create ongoing financial stress. Your proactive approach to working with the Internal Revenue Service may put you in touch with resources to help you avoid

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