There are few things as scary in an Austin resident’s life as receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. Even before opening the letter, taxpayers imagine the myriad ways in which their life is about to change because of the news contained in the notice. Whether it is to point out a mistake, impose a penalty or declare an audit, taxpayers may end up spending the next couple of months going back and forth with the IRS without ever really understanding what they need to do.

What many do not know is that it is possible to investigate the interest and penalties imposed by the IRS and file abatement requests when necessary. Additionally, levies, garnishments and seizures can also be halted if proceedings are initiated in a timely manner. Lastly, if the facts do not add up, it is also possible to argue a case in tax court.

At times like this, having someone explain the ins and outs of IRS tax law, collection defenses and alternatives to collections can be very valuable. Not only that, when dealing with the IRS an attorney should be persistent and dedicated, which is a quality of Ronald A. Stearns. With over 30 years of experience in litigation, he can explain what clients should expect when dealing with the IRS in a number of legal issues.

Before agreeing to speak to an IRS representative or taking a decision at face value, it can be highly beneficial to consult someone who knows the way the IRS operates. We look at our client’s individual circumstances and provide customized solutions to their tax problems. For more on how we help clients, visit our page.