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Small business tax audit triggers

A small business in Austin, Texas, has to pay taxes, but as with any taxpayer, it doesn’t come without the risk of audits. The IRS conducts an audit when they suspect something fraudulent or incorrect on a tax return. There

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How should you prepare for your IRS audit?

If the words “IRS audit” strike terror in your heart and every other part of your body, you are not alone. reports that slightly more than 1 million taxpayers face an audit every year. Before you panic, however, keep

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3 things independent contractors do that trigger audits

Independent contractors may encounter issues with the IRS more easily than others. This is because taxes are not automatically withheld from their paychecks like they are with regular employees. Because they must do their own estimates and quarterly tax payments,

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What you should know about the IRS examination process

Your rights are important to preserve against Internal Revenue Service audits and examinations. But the federal structure that grants you those rights is the same force looking to audit you. This means you have got to prepare to use every

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Inviting an IRS audit

The Internal Revenue Service audited only 0.5 percent of tax returns filed in 2017. This is a small percentage, but still constitutes almost one million tax filers. There are several suspicious actions that increase the odds of being one of

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Audit defense options

Although tax day is two months away, this is the time of year when individuals, couples and businesses spend the time to prepare their taxes. The focus is typically on getting them done and not what could arise, such as

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Appealing an IRS asset seizure

The federal government takes unpaid taxes quite seriously. Luckily, Texans who owe a minimum amount in back taxes can usually work out some sort of installment agreement to settle any owed taxes. Even those who owe a large amount of

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Know your rights as a taxpayer

Even though tax season has come and gone, many Texas residents may feel like it never really passes. All year, they are either preparing for filing their next tax return or responding to errors they made in their last one.

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