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How long can an appeal with an IRS decision take?

Sometimes, residents of Texas might have a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service or IRS regarding a decision involving their taxes. When this happens, it’s your right to file an appeal. What is an IRS appeal? An IRS appeal is

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Dealing with debt that belongs to someone else

Battling with debt collectors or suffering from their harassment is bad enough when a third-party attempt to collect a legitimate debt. Going round-and-round over a debt that belongs to someone else could be a nightmare. Texas residents receiving collection notices

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New IRS Law for payment apps

If you live in Texas, you may benefit from learning more about the new tax-reporting law affecting payment apps. Mobile payment apps like Cashapp, Payal, Venmo, and Zelle are now required to report commercial transactions totaling more than $600 per

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What is a like-kind exchange for tax purposes?

Tax law changes take place often in the United States, and there are many rules and exceptions for Texas residents to understand. For example, like-kind exchanges have been in the Internal Revenue Code for a long time, but what are

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Common IRS tax scams

Most Americans are serious about paying taxes, and scammers often take advantage of it. Scams commonly increase around holiday times and tax filing time, causing consumers to lose money. Consumers in Texas should be aware of scams that the IRS

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What red flags often trigger an IRS audit?

Receiving an audit notice could prove unsettling, but many taxpayers find such letters in the mail each year. While numerous Texas residents file federal returns year after year with no problems, others wonder why the IRS continues to look closely

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Alternatives to IRS debt collections

There are several alternatives to being hassled by IRS debt collectors. This means that every taxpayer has the right to challenge the IRS even if he or she owes thousands of dollars in back taxes. There are many collection alternatives

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Consumer rights and debt collectors

If you fall behind on debt in Austin, Texas, you may get calls from creditors. Some consumers don’t know their rights and believe they have no recourse to stop the calls. Many debt collectors follow the law, but others do

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