In an ideal world, a Texas resident would understand IRS tax law, the information required to accurately fill out the returns he or she is obligated to do, and correctly enter one’s exemptions and deductions. Unfortunately, this rarely happens-incorrect amounts are often entered or forms are not filed in a timely manner. As a result, individuals may find themselves facing an audit or other penalties.

The notice from the IRS that there is something wrong with one’s tax returns can be overwhelming for a filer but it is important to stay calm in such situations. It is even more beneficial to consult someone who is experienced in tax law and can not only explain the reality of what is going on but also discuss the various options available. Many filers are not even aware that the IRS offers a number of relief options for those who are unable to pay their tax obligations.

Lawyers at Ronald Arthur Stearns Sr PLLC are experienced in a number of tax issues. They not only are by their client’s side assisting them with compliance matters, but also help with filing amended or unfiled tax returns. They also take all possible steps to reduce the tax obligation to as minimum as possible and defend their clients in an audit.

It is important though to contact experienced professionals as soon as possible, to ensure that levies against one’s property and bank accounts can be removed. While there are many alternatives to collection available to individuals and corporations in IRS tax law, they can only be availed if the IRS is contacted in a timely manner. For more information, visit our page.